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Staffing Pricing/Placement

Jay21Enterprises Staffing specializes in temporary staffing, temporary to direct hire, direct placement, consulting and on-site management. We provide medical office and clinical staff for hospitals, clinics, physician offices and other healthcare facilities throughout the medical field.


  • We Are Medical Staffing Consultants
  • Every day Jay21Enterprises Staffing recruits, selects and refers the most qualified applicants for all positions within the medical/healthcare environment.
  • We Can Help You Cut Your Direct Costs…
  • Jay21Enterprises Staffing charges an hourly rate for each employee. By utilizing our 520 hour temporary to direct option, you can save on training and recruiting costs.…And Cut Your Hidden Costs
  • As an Jay21Enterprises Staffing customer, you do not have to pay your Jay21Enterprises Staffing-assigned employee for vacations, holidays, personal or sick leaves, worker's compensation, unemployment, social security, FICA, state and local taxes, administrative costs and other benefits.


How Long Does It Take To Find People?

One week is fair notice. We can work within 2-3 days notice depending upon the skill level required. Stat call are considered 24 hours or less.

What Is The Drug Policy?

Every employee of Jay21Enterprises Staffing is drug tested before they begin working for you. Our drug policy also states that we have the right to test any employee at random or after an injury.

How Are Bill Rates Calculated?

Our bill rates include the rate of pay, vacations, holidays, worker's compensation, unemployment, social security (FICA), federal state and local taxes, bookkeeping costs, recruiting, advertising, OSHA bloodborne training, HIPAA training, drug screens, Hep-B screen testing and malpractice insurance. Bill rates are based on the pay rate upon which you and the employee agree.

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